Louis Garneau Custom – Brief description of selected styles and how to use the size chart

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Hi everyone, my name is James Clarkson with LG. We’re going to walk you through the custom styles available for order. Let’s start with the jersey – Louis Garneau’s Fondo Standard or Relaxed.

The Fondo comprises two fabrics: Airdry 100 and Airfit Mesh. Airdry 100, found on the front, back, and sleeves, is a very lightweight, breathable material that is soft to the touch, with two-way stretch. Airfit Mesh, found on the side panels and pockets, is a very stretchy mesh without being sheer. The jersey has three back pockets, knitted sleeves, and a full hidden zip.

Depending on the team's needs and what the team manager decides, this jersey is offered in Standard Fit and Relaxed fit. Standard fit is close to the body without compressing, almost like a fitted shirt. The relaxed fit is loose over the body without being baggy. An XL Standard fit would be like a Large Relaxed fit.

A women’s Fondo jersey will be cut differently in the chest, waist, and hips than the men’s jersey. Please refer to the size chart (attached separately) before the garment specs.

Size Chart
*Photo may not represent final design

The Equipe Premium Bib 4.1 Motion is the best-selling custom Bib we offer. Made with two compressive Lycras on the legs and durable mesh shoulder straps. The 4.1 Chamois uses various density foams strategically placed to keep you comfortable on the saddle for longer rides. Men’s inseam: 10.5”, Women’s: 9.5”. No gripper at the thigh.

Choosing the right size is important for comfort and to keep your chamois in place while riding. Too big, and you will slide overtop your chamois as your ride, increasing the chances of bunching. Too small, you may feel more compression around the legs, and the lifespan of the bibs will be reduced. Trust the size chart and choose the size closest to your body measurements.

Use the “Hips” measurement on either the Men’s or Women’s Size Charts.

If you own any LG bibs, these will fit very similarly.

*Photo may not represent final design

Socks will be Long Socks. There are two sizes: S/M and L/XL. Please refer to the bottom of the size chart for proper sizing.

Notes for our size chart (attached as a separate file):

Size Chart

• The measurements in the size chart are YOUR body measurements, not the garment. I have attached garment specs above so you can see the actual figures.

• Have an idea of how you want your jersey to fit – if you’re offered a Standard fit and you prefer a looser fit, go up one size from what the chart recommends. If you’re offered a Relaxed fit but want something closer to your body, go down one size from what the chart recommends.

• If you have any questions, I’m always available at jclarkson@louisgarneau.com or 802-334-5885 ext 321. My name is James Clarkson.

Thank you, and I hope this helps all of you!

For additional information, you can visit our custom website: https://custom.garneau.com/en-us/cycling-bottoms


Please refer to the size chart (attached separately) before the garment specs.